Jan 14, 2012

Paper Memory - independent
folk act from Oslo, Norway (E102)

About: Paper Memory

The "Paper memory" collected all the traits that attract mostly all of us in the folk music. Lyricism and sincerity of Derek`s Goodreid vocals emphasizes the beauty of every note in the arrangements. In turn, music highlights the beauty of words and gives it a deeper sense, implementing an inseparable connection between words and music. There's definitely some magic here and that's why "Paper memory" won't leave you indifferent.

1. Tell us in one word why you create music?

2. Is there a story behind your song "Fear Not"?
I wrote the song for my Grandmother who passed away from dementia.

3. What do you think of episode 102? Which of the other featured songs do you like the most?
I really dug the podcast it was fun and it was a great mix of music, I really dig the music of Thomas Larsen and Espen Syr and also the electronica of The Constellation and the experimental style of Mógil.

4. What bands from your country/city would you recommend to those who like your music?
I recently played with Bayonets For Legs in Perth, Australia (my first home town) and in Oslo, Norway (my new home town). I highly recommend my best friend and Slide Guitar player on "Fear Not" Tom Griffin.

5. What is your main aim for 2012?
Releasing my first album "Through Old Iron Trees", finishing the recording for my second album "Brave The Waves" and gigging though Europe and Australia.

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