Feb 21, 2012

9 Fake Reasons: alternative metal band from Paris, France(E104)

About: 9 Fake Reasons

9 Fake Reasons: Paris, France based alternative metal band from E104 of ArenaCast

A distinctive feature of these Parisian alternative metal band can rightly be regarded as live performances. This wall of sound, drive and energy sweeps away all obstacles on its way to the hearts of listeners. On the 9th of April ​​9 Fake Reasons start recording their fisrt album, and right now their EP is on iTunes.

1. How do you see yourself in 5 years? What is your main goal as a band?
Writing the third album after ou second tour ! :) Our goal as a band is to share our love of music, giving pleasure to our listeners and share some intense moments with our fans.

2. Can you name some peculiarities that define the music scene in your town/country?
The music in France is...the opposite of the music we're playing, music industry in France is more interested in R&B and Dance Music. But hope is not gone ! Maybe it will change.

3. What do you think of episode 104? Which of the other featured songs do you like the most?
Episode 104 was pretty cool ! And i really appreciated The Design with their title Burn.

4. Is there a story behind your song A m not a hero?
In fact....no. It's not a story, it's a reflexion. It's just about everyone's life, sometimes you do good things, sometimes you just say :i screwed up. Just accept the one you are, don't try to be someone esle.

5. You have a very distinct sound. Are there some "special" musical instruments or effects you use to achieve it?
For the E.P, we used : an ESP with Seymour Duncan pickups (Stag), and an Epiphone Prophecy with EMG 81/85 pickups (Charles), Hugues was playing on an active fender jazzbass. Unfortunately Hugo could not use his drums because we had to use a V-Drum and Vsts.

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