Feb 20, 2012

ArenaCast Facebook weekly poll E106

At this week in R&R World Facebook poll takes part another three unsigned artists. Song which gets the most votes falls into the tracklist of E106 ArenaCast, which will air on March 7. Below you can find songs, brief information about each artist and links to their profiles.

The poll will be closed next Monday, 27th of February. Cast your vote, discuss, share with friends and enjoy the great independent music!

Song #1: The Fighter by 8 Day Warning

8 Day Warning: an exciting Pop/Rock band from the UK.

8 Day Warning is an exciting and mysterious pop/rock band from the UK. Lyrical and haunting vocals in the background of powerful riffs and classic rock bits - these guys know how to rock!

Song #2: Walking Blind by Dixon did it

Dixon did it, unsigned hard-rock band from Newcastle Upon Tyne

Dixon Did It is an unsigned hard-rock band from Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. Heavy guitars riffs, melodic vocal and catchy refrains - are a hallmark of Dixon did it.

Song #3: Seven Sisters by Blackheart Afterglow

Grassfight Indie/Pop/Rock band from NC

Blackheart Afterglow is a rock/indie band from Morecambe, UK. Since September 2010 these folks are playing tasty mix of indie and folk music. They have a lot of concerts scheduled for early 2012. You can learn more from their profile on Facebook.

To cast your vote for your favorite song follow via this link.

A useful note for musicians:

If you want to suggest one of your songs for our Facebook poll or Twitter contest, and to prove you have a great community of loyal fans and supporters, you can send a message to zareC with subject «Podcast poll»\«Twitter contest». More info about the ArenaCast you can always found on Suggest your song and About pages.

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  1. Hi, we would like to thank r and r world for including us in the poll, it means so much, and direct you to our facebook page where the poll is linked for any potential voters :)


    and not forgeting our r and r world page :


    DDI - xoxo