Feb 2, 2012

Shoogar: Scotland based garage rock trio (E103)

About: Shoogar

Shoogar, Scotland based dirty garage rock from E103 of ArenaCast

Driving sound of Shoogar it is a perfect reminder that rock 'n' roll is still alive. It got transfigured, became younger, but stays furious, loud and... true. Shoogar are working on their debut EP and we are looking forward to this fountain of emotion of pure rock`n`roll!

1. Is there a story behind your song “Heartbeat”?
As with a lot of our songs we talk about our love for the complicated creature that is women even when not obvious. 'Heartbeat' is about a toxic girl that you just can't take your eyes off and dam she knows it, the type that stands out from the crowd and has real sass.

2. What do you think of episode 103? Which of the other featured songs do you like the most?
Episode 103 is brilliant, anything that is all about the bands and getting their sound as far and wide as possible is something Shoogar have great respect for. We really thought Super Squarecloud brought a great sound to the episode...unique sound which is hard to find these days.

3. What bands from your country/city would you recommend to those who like your music?
One of our favorite bands and favorite people would be the lads from Same Jane,
all about the rock'n'roll much like ourselves and put on an energy filled show. Check em out!

4. IIn your profile on R&R World, we can see some cool artwork. Who designed it? Could you share links to some other works of this designer?
All our artwork is done by our good friends Danny Proctor and Neill Beattie. Most of their work is done on paper and they like to keep it very much underground so the only way to see it is to contact them: Native Melodi on facebook

5. Tell us more about the work on your debut EP
well we are currently in the studio working on our first EP which we think is really gonna fly. Its gonna have all new material on it, which only have been played at our last 2 gigs. We will hope to have 3 tracks done and mastered by about end of march/april in time for the festival season cos man we really wanna play them.

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