Feb 3, 2012

Ultimate Monthly poll (January)

[UPD]The poll is closed. Find out who is the winner!

Folks! It's time to choose the best artist among participants of the January ArenaCast episodes. As usual, only those bands of featured in the episodes who answered to our surveys are taking part in this poll. Rules remains the same: no registration, you can give one voice for one band. Links to the bands mini-interviews you can find below, next to the poll widget.

The poll will be closed on Friday, 17th of February. The most voted band will get a special interview or album review which will be published in this blog and also featured in News section on R&R World in weekly newsletter and in our official profiles on Facebook and Twitter.
The bands:


  1. Dogwood Crossing underestimated aussie talent.. Go the Dogwoods,Regards Crazy !!!

  2. Ya but where are the votes coming from all the same town or what, just seems a bit fishy to me, one is very good and one is um not so good, in my opinion anyways!

  3. Dogwood Crossing have def found a place on my PLaylist!! Love em!!