Mar 12, 2012

ArenaCast Episode 105

February 9 - March 11

Back on track with the Areancast! Sorry for my absence I shall do my best in the future to meet the deadlines for new episodes! As usual it's a great mix of original new music from all over the globe plus my usual trac of the week. I was a little disheveled on this weeks show being thrust unprepared back into the hot seat - but I hope you enjoy!

# Artist Track
1 Rattlin Bone Rain On My Footsteps
2 Kodakid Low 7
3 Little Room Anchors
4 Oudoghan Sail To The Moon
5 Run To Me Awake (Twitter nomination)
6 Grassfight No Sense (Facebook nomination)
7 Duke En El Fondo
8 Bob Dean The Place Where Sounds Awake
9 Aqualash L'edge
10 Scott Ritchie Up And Away (DJ's choise)

Brief interviews with our featured artists are coming soon!

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