Mar 28, 2012

ArenaCast Episode 106

March 12 - March 28

Epsiode 106 and the music just get's better and better! Some really bizarre band info and sunshine puts Fritz in a tiz. Oh well nothing new there. Catch up with our Twitter and Facebook winners and a whole host of top bands as well as Fritz's track of the week. Enjoy.

# Artist Track
1 Kiki Turner Quit You
2 Joe Jury Take You Home (Twitter nomination)
3 Dixon Did It Walking Blind (Facebook nomination)
4 Scarlet Creek Iambic Red
5 The Interstellar Graffiti Artists Lost In London
6 Crow Black Chicken Murmuration
7 Harvey And The Moon The Same Air
8 Singleton Get Out Of My Mind
9 Rebel Android The Side
10 ASEK Musik (Ryan Freeman) Sound of my Dream (Freeman Dubstep Remix) (DJ's choise)

Brief interviews with our featured artists are coming soon!

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