Mar 30, 2012

Meet Joe Jury (E106) with his live video and brief interview

About: Joe Jury

Joe Jury: unsigned singer-songwriter from London, UK played in E106 of the ArenaCast

Joe left his education to pursue music full time, and went from his hometown to London to achieve his dream - make a career as a singer and songwriter.
Joe`s debut EP "Remember Me" is available as a free download from Joe`s bandcamp profile. Follow Joe`s Facebook fan page to keep updated of the upcoming performances and the latest news.

1. How do you see yourself in 5 years? What is your main goal as an artist?
I hope to have a couple of albums out and to be touring.

2. Can you name some peculiarities that define the music scene in your town/country?
In London, there's quite a big scene for singer/songwriters at the moment considering people like Ben Howard, Michael Kiwanuka and Ed Sheeran are getting really good recognition.

3. What do you think of episode 106? Which of the other featured songs do you like the most?
I really like that 'Quite You' track by Kiki Turner.

4. Is there a story behind your song "Take You Home"?
Yeah it was a while ago when i was 16 about the girl I was seeing at the time (cheesy I know).

5. Please share your nearest plans. What are you currently working on?
At the moment I'm writing for other people and hopefully I'll recording my album in the summer.

Listen to "Take You Home" in ArenaCast E106
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