May 18, 2012

ArenaCast Episode 107

March 29 - May 18

Taking over from the one and only Fritz Hammond is another strange accent this time from the home grown Queensland Australian voice of Damien V, shrouded in mystery he is a musician and producer and all round music lover and supporter.

# Artist Track
1. Perish the Red Army Someone 2 Love
2. Friends Of Emmet Coming Apart
3. Christopher Reyne Supply and Demand
4. Bark Nebraska Bark A Thousand Small Excuses For One Big Mistake
5. The Panic All human talk
6. The OurZ Last Chance
7. Streaming Lights Slush Fund Blues
8. Religion Of Tomorrow The End
9. Kill For Company Money Now
10. Exodus Calling Everything

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  1. exodus calling! that was a great track I hope they go far!

  2. Really enjoyed Bark Nebraska Bark! How did they get their name though?

  3. Someone 2 Love! like the song very much.