May 28, 2012

Christopher Reyne: singer-songwriter from Portland (E107)

About: Christopher Reyne

Christopher Reyne: singer-songwriter from Portland, OR, US played in E107 of the ArenaCast

Christopher Reyne's beautiful music is filled with the autumnal light melancholy, sincere emotions, deep lyrics and sensual voice.
You can download a posh debut EP "A Stranger at the Wheel" from Christopher`s bandcamp page.
Do not miss this excellent indie\sadcor album.

1. How do you see yourself in 5 years? What is your main goal as an artist?
I see myself as hopefully another proud notch on Portland's belt of passionate and thought-provoking musical artists. My main goal as an artist is simply that; I want to provoke thought, evoke emotion, and create a sound that's timeless.

2. Can you name some peculiarities that define the music scene in your town/country?
The music scene in my town is unlike any music scene I've ever been a part of. It's really very caring, and people seem to pay attention to local music (among other things) quite a bit more than in most US cities I've lived in or have visited.

3. What do you think of episode 107? Which of the other featured songs do you like the most?
I enjoyed many of the tracks from the other artists, and thought it was very fluent, but The Panic's "All Human Talk" was the song I enjoyed most. It just had a captivating, solid sound and feel to it that caught me and kept me in. That to me is a quality of a great song, the ability to honestly invoke a feeling or emotion. They did a splendid job doing just that.

4. Is there a story behind your song "Supply and Demand"?
Supply and Demand was essentially a song about love and its costs, and how I would enjoy seeing romantic equilibrium. The model of "supply and demand" is that if the desire for something (in this case love) increases while its availability decreases, the cost rises. On the other hand, if availability of it increases and the desire for it decreases, the cost comes down. Romantic equilibrium is that balance point between the desire for love and the quantity of quality lovers.

5. Please share your nearest plans. What are you currently working on?
I'm working on finishing up a 9 song album right now. It's a terribly slow process, and I really don't like to rush things out, so I'm just being incredibly patient with it. Other than that, I plan to start performing a whole lot more this summer in and around Portland, as well as Seattle a bit. I'd love to get out on the road for good chunks of time eventually, but that's not the nearest of plans.

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