Jul 25, 2012

ArenaCast Episode 109

July 5- July 25

Hi friends!
Welcome to the E109th of the ArenaCast which has collected the hottest independent artists at R&R World. The geography of this episode spreads from The USA, Ireland and The UK to Australia (because our DJ Damien V is an Australian :)), while the genres of the episode participants range from pop-punk to alternative and hard rock! Hurry up to listen to the 10 hottest tracks in the Alternative/Rock episode of the ArenaCast!
P.S. In this episode, you can also find out how you can get the Raindoggs album "One Armed Bandits" for free ;) So listen carefully!

# Artist Track
1. Fateful Unspoken Memories
2. From The Ashes Slipshod Blues
3. The Cheek of Her 27
4. Subject Matter Death by Monkeys
5. Revival Gone Insane
6. Deny The Lie Alright Now
7. Forest Fires Avalanche
8. Vanity Strikes In The End (Ft. Amanda Horowitz)
9. Via Heart Waste of time
10. World Vs. World The Optimist

Brief interviews with our featured artists are coming soon!

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