Aug 2, 2012

ArenaCast mini reviews #1

Hey friends!
We are glad to inform you that from now on in the ArenaCast blog we will be sharing with you the mini reviews for the latest releases of the most talented artists at R&R World written by our host Damien V.!
Meet the first three bands - Kodakid, Grassfight and Paper Memory, and don't forget to spread the word!

Kodakid — singles "Pray for some luck", "Low 7" and "Shake Skin"

Kodakid - indie\blues rock quartet from Ireland

Kodakid – the powerhouse indie\blues rock quartet from Ireland dropped the singles "Pray for some luck", "Low 7" and "Shake Skin" released May 2011 - Feb 2012.
Kodakid’s debut singles are showcased first and foremost by the solid vocals, sharp song writing skills and sweet harmonies found from start to finish in Pray For Some Luck. Setting the rebellion mood into full swing with great use of the megaphone and tweed style while taking us on a blues rock roller coaster, this song is sure to get em up!
“Low 7” draws you in immediately with a sharp and catchy riff right before giving you a fist full of well thought out lyrics backed up by a solid and gravely vocal performance. If the Red Hot Chilli Peppers ever wanted to do a blues song, they would call these guys first!!
"Shake Skin". Rising from the deep depths of the Mississippi delta, dripping wet with swampy blues comes the haunting track “Shake Skin”. Invoking raw feelings of imprisonment with fingers worked to the bone on the chain gang, they have reinvented the past whilst encapsulating a modern refreshing vibe.

Listen to the Kodakid`s singles (and download for free) from their Bandcamp page.

Grassfight — Icon EPs

Grassfight - indie rock trio from New York

Grass Fight's EP Icon hit the digital shelves on 27th October 2011 with brilliant success and shinning reviews and has since been followed up by their second EP Icon2, released on the 24th July 2012.
Keeping the underground indy sound which is familiar and reminiscent of their earlier material they have managed to produce a captivating and moody second release which will no doubt be a hit with the long time fans whilst at the same time reaching out to an entirely new audience. Showcasing the bands diversity was an obvious priority, from the driving melodic force and frenzy of Electric guitars in Look Homeward, Heathen to the haunting primal vocals and acoustic simplicity of Until You Sleep (Icy Slope) Grass Fight have stepped up and delivered an EP worthy of a place in any alternate rockers collection.

listen to the Grassfight`s EPs on their Official Site. EPs can be purchased ibid.

Paper Memory — “Through Old Iron Tree” LP

Paper Memory: indie\folk band  from Oslo, NO

“Through Old Iron Tree” which was released on 24 March 2012 is the debut acoustic album for Australian singer song writer Derek Goodreid who has now relocated to Oslo, and it reveals his true tales of faith, love and everything in between.
A simplistic yet powerful album built on true feelings and one man’s journey from the darkness to the light of love. With a relaxed romantic presence and poetic lyrics, Paper Memory comes from the seasoned heart and from the stirring tracks such as “Man Overboard” to the folk influenced “Through Old Iron Trees’ reflects an honest album that is well worth a peak.

Check out and purchase the Paper Memory`s LP "Through Old Iron Trees" on their Bandcamp page

Author: the ArenaCast DJ Damien V

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