Aug 16, 2012

ArenaCast Mini Reviews #2

Hey friends!
It's the second edition of the mini reviews for the latest releases of the most talented artists at R&R World written by our host Damien V.!
Meet A((Wake)), Ronny and Clyde and Rebel Android and read the reviews for their recent releases! Support great indie music, spread the word!

A((Wake)) — Conceptual self-titled LP

A-Wake is the blistering conceptual self-titled LP by the atmospheric progressive rock\metal band "A((Wake))" from Portland, USA, released in Oct. 2011.
Rising from depths of the progressive rock metal scene and not sounding out of place on the latest zombie apocalypse Hollywood movie soundtrack, A-Wake have delivered a solid EP boasting quality and quantity when it comes to driving bass lines, ball tearing vocals and solid moody beats. With the machine gun guitar licks of “Don’t Shut Your Eyes” to the haunting suspense of “Iron Mould” the A-Wake EP completely transcends the listener maintaining soul searching self-discovery with open honesty while exploring the explosive energy of the modern music scene. Definitely a winner here!

Listen to the A((Wake)) conceptual self-titled LP at their Bandcamp page.

Ronny and Clyde — EP "Black cat eyes"

Appearing through the misty clouds from a smoke filled blues jazz bar stage comes the stunning folk\blues project by Pedoussaut Gilles from Toulouse, FR “Ronny and Clyde” delivering the powerful EP "Black Cat Eyes" released Nov 19, 2011.
Dishing up a lashing of soulful blues delivered by a deep down dirty growl with a familiarity of Tom Waits entices the listener to discover the torment and pain depicted within the songs and the flowing undercurrent of the music. Sailing in a drunken sea of melody and paddling through thought provoking lyrics gives “Black Cat Eyes” a unique flavour with a two thumbs up and a definite keeper for any blues collection.

Listen to the Ronny and Clyde EP on their Reverbnation page.

Rebel Android — EP "The Randominator"

Bringing a futuristic twist to the modern rock scene is 3 piece alternate rock outfit from Oslo Norway “Rebel Android” unleashing the six track EP “The Randominator “ which was released to the world in February 2012.
Mesmerising vocal harmonies chaperon the listener throughout the songs, while letting the accompanying melodies flow with a chilling melancholy, engaging the audience being swept away in the dark undertow of the music. They have managed to sustain a genuine rock sound with intelligent song construction while fusing with contemporary attitudes and style but still focusing a mainstream product sensibility. From the fresh clean sound of “Mnemosyne” dripping with the familiarity of your favourite Foo Fighters track, to the quirky individual sounds of “The Dead End’ unorthodox yet extraordinary it is sure to make waves in the vast music ocean and is a must listen.

Listen to the Rebel Android EP "The Randominator" at their Bandcamp page.

Author: the ArenaCast DJ Damien V