Aug 30, 2012

ArenaCast Mini Reviews #3

Kodakid - indie\blues rock quartet from Ireland

Hi dear friends!
We are glad to present to you the third edition of mini reviews for the release of R&R World's most talented artists!
This time our heroes are: Grand Elk with their self titled EP, The Cheek Of Her and their Passionate Shit EP and rockers from Dublin Subject Matter with Smash The Mould LP!
The reviews are written by The ArenaCast host Damien V.! Read, enjoy and don't forget to spread the word!

Grand Elk — the self titled EP

Kodakid - indie\blues rock quartet from Ireland

The second self-titled EP, from the popular unsigned alternative rock band from Trondheim, Norway “Grand Elk`s” was dropped in December 2010, and is stunning revisitation from their previous works.
Inducing an intoxicating rhythmic ambience fronted by the haunting vocal styles of “Jшrund Langdal” the music consummates a match made in heaven for your ears and the divine sound of the songs.
Ruthless bottomless bass lines explore the expanse and depths of the music providing the fundamental illumination for the songs as if guiding a ship through the misty darkness of an enchanted midnight sea.
The track “Home Must Grow” represents a prime example of the “Light and Shade” technique and I’m certain will be a massive winner for fans of “Perfect Circle”, “Tool” and similar sounding acts.
Brilliant EP!

Listen to the Grand Elk`s EP (and download for "name your price") from their Bandcamp page.

The Cheek of Her — Passionate Shit EP

The Cheek of Her: solo project by Helen Dooley from London, UK

The “Passionate Shit” (EP) by "The Cheek of Her” released October 2011 is the quirky alternative pop rock solo project by Helen Dooley from London UK, and resonates a fresh appealing new sound in the UK pop/rock genre with a uniquely unorthodox direction driven by a motivationally intelligent composition style.
Showcasing a spectrum of diversity sculpted with subtle flair reaching out to the listener with all facets of an emotional journey cast on a road of discovery and truth.
Vivacious cunning tracks such as “27” and “Sunday Mourning” deliver a fulfilling honest musical experience that will be a massive winner for devotees of alternate acts such as “Ace of Base” and “No Doubt”.

Check out and purchase The Cheek of Her`s Passionate Shit EP on Helen`s Bandcamp page.

Subject Matter — Smash the Mould LP

Subject Matter: four piece rock band from Dublin, Ireland

Dynamic four piece alternate rock band from Dublin, Ireland “Subject Matter” unearthed the outstanding LP “Smash the Mould” onto the world on 6th Jan 2012 to a anxious squad of enthusiastic followers.
Wielding a fist full of rock and roll gloves that bound out of your stereo system and punch you right in the face with remorseless brutality and passionate intent, they have forged a reinforced modern sound with quintessential antiquated anthems into an irrefutable commanding force.
Lighter tracks like “Keep Me With You” and “See Thru Souls” refreshingly uncover an almost endearing permissive demeanour from their music, manifesting an exceptional diverseness and complexity to their songs.”
“Subject Matter” have cultivated a truly solid LP with “Smash the Mould” and I’m certain will be a knockout hit to all alternate rock fans.

Listen to and download Subject Matter`s LP “Smash the Mould” for free from their Official Site

Author: the ArenaCast DJ Damien V

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