Aug 30, 2012

Dirty Vibes: unsigned blues/rock quintet from Medway, UK (E111)

About: Dirty Vibes

Dirty Vibes: unsigned blues\rock quintet from Medway, UK. played in E111 of the ArenaCast

"We came up with a handful of absolutely rubbish band names before "Dirty Vibes." "Black Habit" was actually a band name consideration at one time. One night, our bass player, Bill, suggested "Bad Vibes", the name of one of his previous bands/projects and I said, "what about Dirty Vibes?" The rest is history!"

1. How do you see yourself in 5 years? What is your main goal as a band?
I can't speak for the others, but for me it's just about having fun and having a good time! You have to enjoy the journey as well as the destination, and I think everyone in the band just wants to play a big-ass stadium!

2. Can you name some peculiarities that define the music scene in your town/country?
Well, Medway has it's fair share of samey post hardcore metal/thrash/screamo and in contrast it has a lot of douchebag acoustic soloists. But among that, there are really unusual groups that made me sit back and think exactly what you've just asked me; how has this music come from Medway? I can't answer your question, but a factor could be that the government isn't giving me (at least) any confidence in my future, so we (meaning the musicians of Medway) really feel we're on our own, and music is our only outlet.

3. What do you think of episode 111? Which of the other featured songs do you like the most?
Well my favourite, perhaps surprisingly, is "Don't be Invisible" by The Bambi Killers.
I thought the song was really catchy, and I love it when a vocalist really puts emotion and feeling into the lyrics as they sing them, the way it should be!

4. Is there a story behind your song "Black Habit"?
Ha ha! There is a story! It's about a very unacceptable fetish of mine (Kt-Jo) but i'm saving this for Rolling Stone Magazine!

5. Please share your nearest plans. What are you currently working on?
The boys are waiting on me to finish writing the lyrics to our latest song. (They're gonna be waiting a long time!) We're then gonna test that song out at a few gigs and if all goes well, we'll put that song on our 2nd EP, which we're really hoping will be soon.

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