Aug 23, 2012

Life Rules: The OurZ

About: The OurZ unsigned "Dirty Rock N Roll" band from Dublin, Ireland

The OurZ: unsigned

As The OurZ have been featured in our podcast in the past, we decided not to bombard them with standard interview questions again. Instead, we've asked them to tell us about their story, share their thoughts on different topics and give us a deeper insight into their life, music, mottos, principles and life rules! Read and enjoy!

We've been together for about 3 years now, writing tunes, as a group in our HQ, The Dungeon, doing shows to finance recording sessions & generally having a blast.

We love what we do.

We live what we do. 24/7

Today’s generation of bands are missing some hugely important elements. The most important being, honesty and passion for what they do. Without these elements the music loses its edge and its ability to turn people on.

We've no interest in trying to fit into any popular fad or style, We just stay true to the music that drives us. “Dirty Rock N Roll”

As an independent, unsigned, self financed band, progress can be slow.

...we dealt with the many challenges of keeping an independent band on the road, with very little support, going broke continually being the biggest problem.

The one problem we never had was coming up with songs & ideas.

We are currently planning a video for the album's lead track "Summer Rain", which you can now hear on ArenaCast Episode 111 & also on our R&R World page

Read the brief interview with The OurZ
Listen to "Summer Rain" in ArenaCast E111
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  1. I love this band. Thank you for featuring them again on Arena Cast

  2. Brilliant band who perform with so much passion and heart... Great music!! More of the Ourz please!!!!

  3. What a brilliant album! Can't wait to hear you live!!!
    One of your Spanish fans.