Aug 29, 2012

The Bambi Killers: punk rock band from Swansea, UK (E111)

About: The Bambi Killers

The Bambi Killers: punk rock band from Swansea, UK played in E111 of the ArenaCast

"We've played gigs to no-one, played some gigs to a hundred or so people.
A memorable one was Muppet having a woman throw a bra at him at the beginning of a song. She then sheepishly crawled on stage mid-song and said "my boyfriend would kill me if i went home without my bra!!" Has that ever happened to Tom Jones???"

1. How do you see yourself in 5 years? What is your main goal as a band?
In 5 years time we'd like everyone on planet Earth know who The Bambi Killers are. A gig on the Moon would be cool. Failing that, a headline appearance at the Glastonbury Festival.

2. Can you name some peculiarities that define the music scene in your town/country?
There's an eclectic mix of bands for a small town, from punk to rock, indie to metal. Local promoters organise mini-festivals and showcases so there's a plethora of bands to see and hear on any given weekend.

3. What do you think of episode 111? Which of the other featured songs do you like the most?
We loved episode 111!Thanks for such a great promotion.
We liked the jagged-indie of Silent Smiles and the post-punkiness of Bamboo Party. There's a lot of great bands out there.

4. Is there a story behind your song "Don't Be Invisible"?
We are all individuals and you should embrace your individuality. Find your voice-it's the only way people will hear you!!

5. Please share your nearest plans. What are you currently working on?
We're currently playing outside our hometown. We've played Bristol and Cardiff and are looking to play beyond Swansea. We may have a support slot with a well known band for our next Cardiff show... We're due to record a new e.p. and we're planning a video that would involve our fans sending in clips of themselves...
We look forward to playing to as many people as possible, spreading the word, and putting the fun back into music.

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