Sep 11, 2012

The Band of the Month Poll (August 2012)

[UPD] The poll is closed. Find out who is the winner!

The Band of the Month Poll (August 2012)

We’ve started a new exciting poll on our Facebook page and we invite you to take part and choose The Band of the Month!
20 artists featured in August episodes #110 and #111 of the ArenaCast podcast will combat to be named The Band of the Month (August 2012) and get a main prize:
a big review of their album written by our DJ Damien V or a detailed interview which will be published in this blog and also featured in the News section on R&R World and in a weekly Newsletter as well as on our official profiles on Facebook and Twitter.
So, check out Part I and Part II of the Facebook poll and cast your vote for the best band! The poll will be closed on Tuesday, 18th of September


  1. I'm voting for The I think , should we all...boss band....Si(Mervin Gersh)