Sep 13, 2012

ArenaCast Mini Reviews #4

ArenaCast Mini Reviews #4

We gladly invite you to read a new portion of mini reviews for the release of R&R World's most brilliant artists!
So check out the Goldenground`s debut LP "Hello again for the first time", The Mad Pride LP "Scary Poppins" and Blackheart Afterglow`s EP "Walk to the sea".
As usual all reviews are written by the ArenaCast DJ Damien V.
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Goldenground — the debut LP "Hello again for the first time"

Goldenground: Unsigned folk rock\psychedelic quarter from São Paulo, Brazil

Hailing from Sao Paulo, Brazil, the Psychedelic folk/rock four piece “Goldenground” delivered their exquisite debut LP "Hello again for the first time" to the musical marketplace during March in 2012.
Rebecca Sharp, English artist / Brazilian, fused with band 'Meretrio' to create “Goldenground” in 2010, together unveiling an outstanding musical accomplishment with their entrance LP.
Pleasantly as the album unfolds, it breezes along effortlessly with a certain sense of freedom within the melodies, producing a contented chillax sentiment for the audience.
Tastefully influenced by acoustic folk/rock, they convey their brand of light hearted romantic harmony with a touch of psychedelic madness, and with brilliant tracks such as “I make an offering” to the transcending and borderline dark “Telephones dead blues” their debut LP is certain to hit the right spot amongst their firsthand and present admirers.

Listen to the Goldenground`s debut LP "Hello again for the first time" from their Melodybox page.

The Mad Pride — "Scary Poppins" LP

The Mad Pride: brainchild of singer songwriter and multi instrumentalist Rowan Galagher

“The Mad Pride” is the creation of talented singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Rowan Galagher, and on 27 November 2010 he zealously released the 12 track album “Scary Poppins”.
All parts on the album are written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Rowan Galagher with support from Andrew Smetanin on a couple of the tracks.
Gorgeous piano segments charmingly work the ivories with poignant emotion and subtle sensitivity, carrying bountiful dark undertones within the melodies. The compositions amalgamate agreeably with the mystical vocal strokes Rowan has established throughout the experimental album, whilst lyrically asserting an educational connotation, reflecting the bodacious project’s title “The Mad Pride’.
Visualize “Frank Zappa” meets a gothic “David Bowie” for a sound-off showdown, with the last man standing victoriously being Rowan Galagher with “The Mad Pride”.

Check out and purchase The Mad Pride`s "Scary Poppins" LP on The Mad Pride`s Bandcamp page.

Blackheart Afterglow — EP "Walk to the sea", singles "Rapture" and "She really goes"

Blackheart Afterglow: indie/rock five piece band from Morecambe, LAN, UK

Manifesting from the North England live music scene, Indie/Rock five piece act from Morecambe, UK, “Blackheart Afterglow’ unveiled their introduction 4 track EP "Walk to the sea" on 29 September 2011, and delivered their creative singles "Rapture" and "She really goes" 06 June and 05 August in 2012.
Animated by pure energy the EP "Walk to the sea" fashions an impressive primary framework for their enduring musical releases. Spirited guitar riffs line the structural walls of the songs, built upon a rock-solid rhythmic bass and drum section, then lastly furnished with finely tweaked contemporary vocal decorations.
Garden-fresh tracks "Rapture" and "She really goes" have definitely raised the musical bar for them, but have reserved a familiarity to their original EP’s direction. Accordingly, as well as keeping long time listeners contented, it should also draw in a new horde of faithful disciples.

Listen to and purchase Blackheart Afterglow`s EP "Walk to the sea", singles "Rapture" and "She really goes" from their Bandcamp page

Author: the ArenaCast DJ Damien V


  1. Ouça o Goldenground LP de estréia `s" Olá de novo pela primeira vez "de sua página Melodybox.
    Vindo de São Paulo, Brasil, o Psychedelic folk / rock....