Sep 3, 2012

Super Squarecloud`s "Listen to Me" EP Review

About: Super Squarecloud

We present you a review of the "Listen to Me" EP by indie rockers from Swindon, UK Super Squarecloud - the winners of The ArenaCast Ultimate Monthly Poll in January 2012.

Four piece alternate Pop/Rock out-fit “Super Square Cloud” hailing from Wiltshire, UK was proudly conceived from the misty haze of the UK club scene of 2011, and were the efficacious winners of the RandRWorld monthly band poll in a tense nail biting victory the corresponding year. Occupying the roles in the band are Jo Ford, Chris Maynard, James Maynard and Owen Phillips and the crew have recently unshackled their smashing debut EP "Listen to Me- EP" to a fervent social media frenzy and are boldly forging ahead with their breed of boisterous experimental pop, astutely reflective of their previous single releases.

First out of the gate is the congenial opening song “Come Louder” wielding razor sharp brit pop guitar riffs and striking out like a finely honed samurai blade vigilantly protects the softly spoken vocals of “Jo Ford’ producing an appealing and salubrious innervation truly encompassing the listener throughout the song.

Bringing in second place is the outlandish track “It Gak” which undocks with a haunting inverse guitar line faithfully monitored by a sturdy marching beat, willing ready and able to stomp unswervingly into your head and categorically hypnotise your innocent unconscious mind. Once more blessed with the easy-going tentative vocal elegance of “Jo Ford”, the tune traverses over a gamut of influences and is diversified with compelling soulful harmonies coursing throughout the melodies which eventually drives the song toward a blockbuster wind-up conclusion.

Dropping in for the final song is the obscurely titled track “JMPTHNFLYNM” but don’t be confused with the abstruse moniker “JMPTHNFLYNM” as you can be clearly confident this track will be a massive hit with any first time eavesdropper. It delivers a melodic and distinctively unique catchy pop cadence with a justly inspiring experimental sound technique which caressingly stimulates your senses on multiple levels while the song atmospherically coerces you back for more.

Conclusively I feel the "Listen to Me- EP" is a fantastic compilation with quality construction, production and performance and promises to be a worthy contender for any budding music collection. Groomed with familiar attitudes and styling’s of such alternate acts as “The Pixies” melded with subtle innovative nuances reminiscent of “Radiohead” they will capture the imagination of a generation of voracious followers eager to discover fresh music.

Review by the ArenaCast DJ Damien V

Super Squarecloud`s songs "It Gak" and "Come Louder" was featured in E103 of the ArenaCast. You can also read a brief interview with Super Squarecloud posted in our blog.

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