Oct 19, 2012

ArenaCast Episode 115

October 3 - October 19

Welcome to ArenaCast Episode 115 with our host Damien V, featuring bands spanning across the planet from India to Australia and everywhere inbetween.
Also featuring some more fantastic acts fronted by female vocalists revisiting our previous episode.

# Artist Track
1. Keep the Change Homeless
2. Muzykoterapia Komedia
3. Paul Winn Band Ends The Same
4. Emergency Call I Could Kill You
5. Twinkle and The Sluts Sleaze
6. White Shag Die For Me
7. The Hudson Super 6 Heartbreakin'
8. Another Life Spared Cataclysm
9. Punkh Karmah
10. Temtris Your Time Has Come

Brief interviews with our featured artists are coming soon!

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  1. Loved it!! Emergency Call and Punkh's songs are awesome!! Thanks!!

  2. Keep the Change, White Shag, Punkh are my favorite.