Oct 26, 2012

ArenaCast Mini Reviews #7

ArenaCast Mini Reviews #7

Three bands, three different styles, three various countries are represented in today's issue of the ArenaCast Mini Reviews. Over the past two weeks our host Damien V listened to the self-titled debut EP of Swedish indie progressive metalists (with strong Jazz influence, huh?) Black Oak; got acquainted with creativity of alternative rockers someonElse (from Queens, NY, US) - precisely with their debut LP "The Doomed") and listened to the fresh single "Portis" by the Irish independent blues rockers KodaKid.
Exclusively for you - his review of these three releases - on our blog.

someonElse — debut LP "The Doomed"

someonElse: unsigned alternative metal five piece band from Queens, NY, US

On the 30th of August 2011, unsigned alternative metal five piece band from Queens, New York, US “SomeoneElse”, enthusiastically went on the rampage with their debut LP titled "The Doomed" which was engineered, mixed and produced entirely by the band over the course of one year.
With a direct and honest vocal style, singer “David DeCeglie” seizes the heart of the music with his distinctive hostile tone, flattering the shadowy bed laid out from the crunchy powerhouse guitar squeals and steadfast back line booming unfailingly throughout the album.
Lyrically questioning social inequalities driven by modern collective bureaucracy, the songs are conveyed with straightforward approach and transported onto the progressive rock/metal platform agreeably, making for a well-structured and commendable album worthy of respect.

Check out and purchase the someonElse`s debut LP "The Doomed" Bandcamp page.

Black Oak — debut self titled EP

Black Oak:  indiemetal quintet from Stockholm, Sweden

Dynamic Indie/metal five piece outfit from Stockholm, Sweden “Black Oak”, released their energetic debut self-titled EP during November 2010.
Perceptibly influenced by hard-core Death Metal music, they bring a new approach to the table, refreshingly intermingling subtle Jazz and Rock influences, which can all be effortlessly recognized within their compositions. Versatile singer “SamuĂ©la Burenstrand’s” spectrum of vocal range and exceptional technique stylishly colour the score from indulgent, graceful whispers to spine chilling shrieks of passion. Unnerving, mysterious electronic sounds also impact the music, which echo seamlessly into the tracks, sanctioning the gargantuan guitar chops and mammoth rhythm section to roar thunder throughout the melodies with no apparent remorse.
If you’re eyeballing for a spirited and heartfelt EP with an abundance of bite, unquestionably, you can’t look past “Black Oak”.

Download for free Black Oak`s debut self titled EP from their Official Site.

Kodakid — single "Portis"

indie\blues rock quartet from Ireland

Four piece independent blues rock/soul band originating from Waterford, Ireland, “Kodakid”, released their most recent offering in the form of the striking and vibrant single ”Portis”, on Monday 22nd October 2012, which is currently available as a free download online.
Once again generously warmed with the rich, colourful timbre of “Kev Power”, the vocal track delightfully merges with shimmery electric guitar arpeggios delivered on top of an tenacious rhythm platform, offering a scrumptious appetizer of their flair of progressive rock music.
Essentially familiar in core to their previous releases, “Portis” manages to convey a new atmosphere into their musical style, while staunchly protecting the original rock formulae they are notoriously known for. Unquestionably, this will entertain their most avid present supporters, and also rope-in a brand new wave of devoted followers.

Download for free Kodakid`s single "Portis" from the band Official Site

Author: the ArenaCast DJ Damien V

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