Oct 15, 2012

Life Rules: Katherine W. Robichaud from The Design

About: The Design — indie rockers rom Raleigh, NC, US

Katherine W. Robichaud from The Design

Gladly invite you to read the next entry of the ArenaCast "Life Rules" sections. Today we present you the "Life Rules" of Katherine W. Robichaud from the Raleigh, NC, US based indie rock band The Design.
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I'm inspired a lot by the music I grew up listening to (Queen, David Bowie) and events that are going on in my life. I like to keep it fairly close to home, because I like the songs to be personal.

Being an independent artist - there's a lot of freedom but it's also a lot of work with networking on top of writing, and it leaves very little time to do much else.

A band is a business and you need to be an adult. If you act like a five year old, no one is going to want to work with you, or book you again, and certainly no one will come back to see you again.

I think for most musicians, writing music is a form of release and a way to express themselves. For me, and with "Young America" especially, several songs were cathartic. "Sing Girl Sing" is about never being enough for someone. "It All Goes on Without You" is about coming to terms with someone important to me leaving and me learning to deal with it and become stronger from it. Other songs, like "Scream" are a reflection of live on the road and dealing with a crowd that is less than ideal for our type of music. It's very tongue-in-cheek, as is "Red Alert".

"The video took forever to shoot. We originally shot it on an old yacht in Hilton Head, SC, but we ended up not liking the footage. So then we reshot at C. Grace. The first time around, in a fluke accident, our videographer had all the footage erased from his camera, and we had to go back and shoot the video for the third time."

Typically I'll write a song and have it mostly fleshed out. Then I'll show it to my band members and we'll play around with it for a while, and that inspires me to go home and either complete the song or rework it. I've always described it as building a house. I lay the foundation, and my band members build a house around it.

Over the years, the band has begun to lean more towards the glam side of rock, and that's with me pushing. I grew up watching Marilyn Manson, David Bowie, and Queen, and watching musicals and movies like The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I just loved it.
I wanted to be just like them. And now, it's like I get to play dress-up every day. I get to be whoever I want to be. It's pretty awesome.

I love being in a band with people who have similar interests and who you can carry on a conversation with. It's a drag when a member keeps to themselves and speaks a different language.

The Design: indie rockers rom Raleigh, NC, US played in E104 and E114 of the ArenaCast

All those long van rides and restaurant meals can get pretty boring, and you have to resort to playing on your iphone. On the other hand, if the chemistry is right and everyone gets along, life on the road can be one long slumber party.

Our motivation for not to stop on the results achieved and move on is the Fans. We don't have a ton, but the ones we do have are the most amazing people. They believe in us and I want so badly to make them happy.

I was heavily influenced by Marilyn Manson as a teenager. I love the way he commands a stage. As a female front person, I think it's perhaps harder in some ways than being a frontman. I think people are quicker to judge a girl singer who's fronting a rock band.

Other girls in the audience before the show starts will look at me and say things like, "What is she wearing? Who does she think she is?" etc.

""Burn" was the last song written for the album. The guys had written a progression and beat that I interpreted as a "call to arms" war song. At the time, I just happened to be reading "The Hunger Games", and was very inspired by the books, specifically "Mockingjay"
We essentially wanted a live video that captured the energy of the band. We did the video in one take with 3 different cameramen. Shannon Griffin directed and edited it. The silly string and crowd-surfing were Kat's ideas."

Over the years, I've developed a thick skin that allows me to pretty much wear whatever I want on stage or off, and laugh at people who have a problem with me. In New York it's great because no one blinks an eye at what you're wearing, but in the south, people love to stare. I draw a lot of strength from performers like Amanda Palmer and Marilyn Manson. It took some serious balls to start out wearing what he wore and to pull through with it.

I'm a fairly private person in real life and I enjoy my alone time. I'm kind of a hermit. I like to read and watch movies, but I also grew up in the mountains, so I love to hike and ski, too. On stage, I've definitely created this formidable persona that I think intimidates some people. I try to be a sweet as I can offstage to balance all the sweating and teeth-nashing onstage.

Katherine W. Robichaud from The Design

One thing I cannot stand is a lack of professionalism.

One time I was talking to the audience, trying to have a sentimental moment, and a band member (now former band member) interrupted me to ask if they could go to the bathroom. It was a live performance and he was treating it like a 5th grade classroom! I was shocked. Stuff like that does not fly and is so embarrassing.

Smelly band members are also a big no.

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