Oct 23, 2012

Life Rules: someonElse

someonElse — unsigned alternative metal quintet from Queens, NY, US


Great unsigned band someonElse continue our "Life Rules" section with their thoughts on independence, motivation and DIY!
Stay indie!

We've been playing what we want so far, without negative outside interference, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

The phrase we use a lot to each other is "Go big or go home". You should always strive for more and aim high. That's the only way to accomplish anything.

If you stop, even for a moment, you become stagnant and unmotivated.

Without motivation, it becomes difficult to ever strive to be better.

We all want to be able to play to hundreds of thousands of people, and influence everyone one way or another. That is our end-goal, and THAT keeps us working.

We all influence each other a lot in the band.

David DeCeglie - vocals someonElse
David DeCeglie - vocals

We all listen to different types of music, and we've all had different backgrounds and played with different bands.

When one of us comes with an idea for a song or a piece of music, the rest add their thoughts and ideas to the mix, and what is left is just a masterpiece in our eyes; An amalgamation of different musical influences and ideas.
It's really quite broad, and sometimes you can feel a vibe of it all in each individual song we write.

Our influences range from Tool, A Perfect Circle, Karnivool to Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, STP to Deftones, Kings X, The Cars to Megadeth, Lamb of God, Cradle of Filth, Pantera... its really diverse.

Whats particularly funny is that not everyone likes each other's tastes or source of inspiration, but when we write, all our ideas blend fluidly into what we do. Its great!

Cory Goonan - drums/keys/samplEs on someonElse
Cory Goonan - drums/keys/samplEs

On stage I'm (Cory) much more animated and move around constantly from beyond the drum kit. I guess outside of that scenario I'm more subdued and quiet...Unless you get a few drinks in me.

Same applies to the rest of us.

For example, Paul is Mr. Zen, always calm and quiet. Always listening alot. Until you put a few beers in him or stress him out, then he goes crazy.

Our personalities on stage and off are the same, except we're just alot more animated in front of a crowd.

...we're like brothers

Paul Rodriguez - guitar on someonElse
Paul Rodriguez - guitar

You have to have that camaraderie between band members and it definitely shows when we're on stage.

What I personally don't accept at all is laziness.

With 5 members in our band, everyone needs to keep up and keep moving.

If we don't all do our part, we will never move forward as fast as we could, and in my opinion that's unacceptable.

We all have our distinct ways in which our music affects us, and what it means to each of us.

A lot of the time, when we write music, it's encompassing a series of emotions and feelings about our current mindset and situation in life as individuals. It is simply a way to convey our inner most thoughts and/or emotions, in regards to our individual lives and transpose all that emotion into our music... It helps us rock out and have a great time. It's all we have, basically.

Anthony Brucale - bass on someonElse
Anthony Brucale - bass

It's very straightforward. Someone usually comes into practice with an idea for a guitar riff, or a particular drum beat, then we build off that until we have the song structure. After that's complete, we go through the whole song and rewrite/polish parts on small transitions or changes to make it interesting and sound better.

The great thing about us is that we all have a hand in the writing process in some way.

Normally we practice our current songs for about an hour and spend 3 or 4 hours writing new material, some of which will probably never see the light of day.

It means a lot to us - to be an independent artist.

Eric Cire - guitar on someonElse
Eric Cire - guitar

Literally. Everything is done and funded entirely by the band, which is a blessing. On the other hand it is extremely difficult because... well... everything's entirely done and funded by us.

The DIY route, even though it feels more fulfilling, is also a much harder route to keep up and maintain. We're pulling through great, though. In the end, the benefits outweigh the burden.

We always grow as musicians and never feel restrained by what's the current "cool", "correct" or "popular" thing to do, in terms of music.

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