Oct 4, 2012

Lucid Fly: alternative/progressive rock band from Los Angeles, CA, US (E114)

About: Lucid Fly

Lucid Fly: alternative/progressive rock band from Los Angeles, CA, US played in E114 of the ArenaCast

"...The name Lucid Fly came from a headline in a newspaper "Lucid flies into the record book" - in reference to a female austronaut Shannon Lucid and her mission to space."

1. Is there a story behind your song "Alohum"?
Alohum is from our EP called "The Escape Stage" recorded at Glenwood Place Studios in Burbank, CA. Alohum is an introspective song, mainly about reflecting on loss and how memories allow you to always remember, no more goodbyes :)

2. Describe your band in 3 words.
Our band is Dualistic, Raw yet refined.

3. Describe your perfect gig - where would it be?
Our perfect gig would be at an outdoor festival in either Europe or Australia with some of our fav bands like A Perfect Circle, Katatonia, Circa Survive, Karnivool or Dead Letter Circus ~ to name a few!

4. What do you think of episode 114? Which of the other featured songs do you like the most?
I am really digging episode 114 - yay for girl power! :) It's hard to pick a fav featured song, all are very unique and diverse!

5. What would you and your band do if tomorrow was the end of the world?
We would most likely play our hearts out and then go out for a good yakitori dinner! hahha.

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