Oct 30, 2012

The 5 Basic Things For The Successful Submitting Your Music In The Podcast

The 5 Basic Things For The Successful Submitting Your Music In The Podcast

You’ve been invited to have your song featured on our podcast? Great!
This is a good opportunity for free promotion for your music that could lead to many new fans. However, simply getting on the podcast is not the only way to ensure that you will gain new listeners; follow these tips to increase interest in you and your songs.

1. The more information that you can add about yourself and your songs, the better.
Don’t worry about starting a new account, it takes a short amount of time and will pay off handsomely if you make sure to provide as much information as possible. Good and interesting content includes:

• Where and when the band was formed

• Information on your discography, current releases, tour dates etc.

• Links to resources on which your music can be purchased or downloaded, such as Bandkamp, Amazon etc.

• Upload not only promo photos, but live photos.

• Last, but not least - provide links to your official website, Facebook or Twitter

2. Try to be as detailed and interesting as possible in response to the questions asked about your band.
By answering with more detail, the readers will be more engaged with your thoughts and in the process they will learn more about you. Don’t be afraid to add some personal views in there, your likes and dislikes or perhaps short anecdotes. Be creative with your replies! If you are in a band, perhaps let each of the members answer individually so that listeners get an idea of the different characters in the band.

3. Be sure to choose the right song.
If you think that the song, which was chosen in the podcast is good, but you have better songs, say, is not loaded on the resource on which the compiler oriented playlist podcast - you should draw his attention to the song which represent you best. More often than not –they`ll listen to you.

You will likely only have one song played on the podcast, so it has to have the potential to catch the listener’s ear. You may have songs that you like more, but if you have a track that you know is catchy or special in some way then make sure that that is the one that gets put on the podcast, then listeners who like that song can come to your personal page and discover all the other amazing things that you’ve been working on. If you have a preference of which song you would like to have aired on the podcast then please inform us and we will almost certainly oblige.

4. Find out all the details related to the release of episodes!
Find out where and when the podcast is being released so that from the moment it is posted you can start directing people towards it. Find out all the different places where the podcast is promoted, such as newsletters or blogs, so that you can additionally direct traffic to those places and have more people hear the podcast. Make sure you know all of this in advance so that when people ask you where or when they can hear it, you will be able to answer them straight away.

5. The time spent on your existing fans always pays for itself.
So you are in the podcast`s tracklist! The song is selected, the form is submitted, you know the date of the airing of the episode ... but that's not the end! Make a small announcement for your existing fans, share with them the link to the podcast. Create intrigue before the airing of the episode with your participation. Be sure you won`t regret it later if you forgot to tell people about this amazing opportunity!

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