Nov 8, 2012

ArenaCast Mini Reviews #8

ArenaCast Mini Reviews #8

The ArenaCast DJ Damien V continues familiarising us with the great releases by the artists presented at the R&R World. Today you have a chance to discover the great EP "Trees Turn To Fire" by the alternative rockers from Cordoba, Argentina – Odoghan; a stunning EP "From The Ahses" by the Nottingham, UK based hard rock quartet Wasteland and an outstanding album "The Sleeper" by the Norwegian alternative rockers In Confesso.
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Odoghan — EP "Trees Turn To Fire"

Odoghan: alternative rock band from Córdoba, Argentina

Alternative Rock band from Córdoba, Argentina, “Odoghan”, released their smashing EP "Trees Turn To Fire" to a seething sea of supporters on the 10th October 2010, which follows their debut self-titled LP which was released on the 7th Jul 2009.
"Trees Turn To Fire" recalls the talents from “Jose Visconti” once again for the duty of vocalist front-man, who uniquely lays his brand of lyrical genius into the tracks, inspiring a melodic emotional rollercoaster ride directly to the heart of the music and beyond.
Strident guitar chops resonate throughout the EP, complimenting the steadfast dependable back-line, fabricating fresh sounding melodies and possessing a truly innovative sound, while at all times retaining a dash of familiarity.
Coloured with similar tones to their debut album, their latest work "Trees Turn To Fire" will unquestionably satisfy their most avid fan, while coercing new mobs to join their growing faction of followers.

Check out and purchase the Odoghan`s EP "Trees Turn To Fire" on the band Bandcamp page.

Wasteland — EP "From The Ahses"

Wasteland:  hard rock band from Nottingham, UK

Fresh off the shelf are sounds from the four piece progressive hard-rock band hailing from Nottigham, UK, “Wasteland” who enthusiastically released their impressive EP "From The Ashes" on 3rd June 2012.
“Josh Kay” carries the duty of lead-vocals and guitar, and aggressively attacks the microphone with his heavy-duty verbal attitude, ferociously punching through the atomic lead-guitar riffs assaulted by “Matt Wainman”, without penitence.
“Mario Casado” – Bass Guitar, and “Dom Ridley” – Drums, seam together like twin brothers who foresee each other’s every action, bonding like glue to the rhythm, unrelentingly pounding into the mix.
“Wasteland” have delivered a concrete hard-rock masterpiece with their EP, "From The Ashes" and is assured to be a mammoth hit for fans of Metallica, Shinedown and comparable rock acts.

Listen to and purchase the Wasteland`s "From The Ahses" EP from their Aurovine profile.

In Confesso — "THE SLEEPER" LP

In Confesso: alternative rock/metal quartet from Bergen, Norway

During 2005, the band “Inconfesso” emerged from the hardcore metal scene in Bergen, Norway, and the emotive alternative rock-metal quartet released their outstanding album titled "The Sleeper" during 2011.
Tracks from "The Sleeper" are served up with titanic lashings of scorching progressive metal licks, coated with a hard-hitting vigorous edge and dynamic flowing melodies, carrying a fist full of courage chanted by vocalist “Daniel Fregstad” who tastefully voices touching tales from his past life experiences with volatile expression and determination, laced with pure emotion and energy.
“Inconfesso’s” inspiring alternative-metal album "The Sleeper" agreeably has a true rock-hard strength, and is whole-heartedly assured to keep die-hard metal fans happy, pioneering new music to pour into their eager little earholes.

Listen to In Confesso`s "THE SLEEPER" LP from the band Soundcloud page

Author: the ArenaCast DJ Damien V

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