Nov 23, 2012

ArenaCast Mini Reviews #9

ArenaCast Mini Reviews #9

Our host Damien V continues to discover the releases from the R&R World artists, and today you have the exclusive chance to read the pre-release review of the upcoming EP "Suns of Mercury" by the British hard rockers The Sonic Revolvers; get acquainted closer with the "Karmah" EP by the hard rock\metal quintet Punkh from New Delhi, IN; and discover the mini review of the tracks from the forthcoming LP of Australian indie pop\rock trio Paul Winn Band.
We wish you a pleasant reading; be sure to discover more and more great independent music.

The Sonic Revolvers — EP Suns of Mercury

The Sonic Revolvers: indie hard rock band from Runcorn, UK

British indie hard rock four-piece “The Sonic Revolvers” are excited to announce the release of their upcoming smash EP, “Suns of Mercury” on November 30, 2012.
From vintage tremolo guitar moans, to mad-as-a cut-snake rock licks, the tracks on the EP are coated in a solid veneer of heavy riffs, bad-ass walking bass lines and frenzied firearm attacks from drummer “Mike Jones”, never missing the mark. Lyrical storylines voiced in a third person aspect from vocalist “Darrell Tinsley” build a solid expressive stage, and slots nicely into the sturdy platform laid down by the band.
“The Sonic Revolvers” have produced a stand-up LP with “Suns of Mercury”, emotionally leaving the listener demanding more, and should unquestionably be a mammoth knockout for any admirer of power-driven, raw, rock music.

Follow The Sonic Revolvers for the more info about the forthcoming release: Facebook | Twitter | Official Site .

Punkh — EP “Karmah”

Punkh: hard rock / metal quintet from New Delhi, IN

Trail blazing Indian (Hindi) Rock outfit “Punkh”, released their smashing EP “Karmah” during 2012, which was recorded and produced in Germany by veteran metal producer Markus Tescke.
Once again “Deepak Nair” dynamically conveys vitality to the vocal lines with vibrant stylishness and unique bravado, while the rest of the gang explore a vast pool of musical styles, and deliver their interpretation of the fusion of sounds with a distinctive and brilliant approach to their songs.
“Karmah’s” offers diversity within the tracks, contrasting from hard rock to an easy-going almost ballad influence, making for a pleasing EP leaving the listener with a superb melodious after taste.
“Punkh” deliver a fresh, beefed-up sound with their EP “Karmah”, and although the songs express a much harder style than their debut album, they retain their well-known experimental style of fusion and power, and it is sure-fire to entertain anyone fortunate enough to have a peek.

Listen to Punkh`s “Karmah” EP from their Soundcloud page.

Paul Winn Band — songs from the upcoming LP

Paul Winn Band: indie pop\rock trio from Sydney, NSW, AU

Inspiring three-piece indie pop\rock group from Sydney, Australia, “Paul Winn Band“, are soon unbridling their upcoming sensational album, which is their latest publication following the previous release of their successful debut LP “Fortunate Son”.
Tracks from the album encompass a volume of varying arrangements, from easygoing ballads with contemporary rock sounds, to stronger, forceful melodies with a much more commanding tone. At all times the songs are equipped with a true singer-songwriter sensation throughout the experience, showcasing “Paul Winn’s” remarkable lead vocal, guitar, and keyboard talents and once again, complementing their outstanding production, and impressive writing skills.
“Paul Winn Band“ have certainly raised the musical bar with their latest expressive work, and the LP should satisfyingly find a spot in any avid music collection.

Listen to Paul Winn Band`s songs from the upcoming LP on the band Official Site

Author: the ArenaCast DJ Damien V