Nov 19, 2012

Behind Babylon: alternative/hard rock trio from Denver, CO, US (E117)

About: Behind Babylon

Behind Babylon: alternative/hard rock trio from Denver, CO, US played in E117 of the ArenaCast

"...We've lived with "saints" and we've lived with the "sinners."In the words of the great philosopher and poet Bob Dylan,"Lot of water under the bridge, lot of other stuff too, don't get up gentlemen, I'm only passing through." That's the way we see it... You don't need to get up, we are only passing through. Our music is about our experiences and the way we express those experiences. We believe we have lived in Babylon and Behind Babylon... That is how we created the band name."

1. How would you describe your average fan?
Since we have only began recording and have only released “She still believes” it’s hard to say what an average fan would be at the moment. We hope to gain better than average fans and look forward to the opportunity to create fans we can really connect with. Our upcoming releases will show that we want a diverse fan base.We’ll be mixing many different genres into our own style of rock and roll. The interest we have seen have been in college age students.

2. What are the sources of your inspiration?
Life,Love,World events and anything in our dreams and nightmares of course! Exploring the human element as it relates to the seven deadly sins.

3. What bands featured in E117 of the Arenacast you liked the most? With whom you would like to make a common gig?
Spineless YesMen, Stop Light Observations... We love all bands though and would feel honored to play a gig with any.

4. How do you think our generation would be passing the music to the next generations? Cds, vinyls, or links to itunes?
We think social media is how music is being passed. We grew up in a time when the only way you could discover new music was radio and record stores. That world has evolved and the evolution is fantastic! The present time is awesome for music lovers to discover music they would never have heard in the past.

5. What would you choose: a performance on the biggest stage of your country or a new album record? Why?
We would choose recording an album over the biggest show ever. The album will be around much longer than we will be. A huge show playing in front of thousands of fans would be awesome though! The excitement of connecting with fans would be the greatest “high” we could ask for while we are alive and able. The recordings will last much longer though and create fans long after we are gone.

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