Nov 15, 2012

Chris A Butler: indie solo artist from London, UK (E117)

About: Chris A Butler

Chris A Butler: indie solo artist from London, UK played in E117 of the ArenaCast

"...I once had a review which said, "Chris Butler's voice has been compared to Jim Morrison but I have to say the reincarnation is not yet complete" - I was sure whether to be pleased or insulted! "

1. How would you describe your average fan?
I don't have an average fan, all ages and both sexes. My music is for anyone and everyone.

2. What are the sources of your inspiration?
Inspiration? My beautiful girlfriend, politics, the world, all the usual :)

3. What bands featured in E117 of the Arenacast you liked the most? With whom you would like to make a common gig?
I loved Spineless YesMen and The Absinth but my favourite was Slim and Red - they remind me of Young Mable Giants; one of my all-time favourites.

4. How do you think our generation would be passing the music to the next generations? Cds, vinyls, or links to itunes?
I suspect it will be mp3s until the next medium comes along. One thing never changes, everything changes!

5. What would you choose: a performance on the biggest stage of your country or a new album record? Why?
Biggest stage and biggest crowd possible. I am ultimately a performer but at the moment I don't have a live band so it doesn't happen. Knebworth and 250k people? Bring it on!

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