Nov 16, 2012

Chuck Eaton: singer - songwriter from Brazil (E117)

About: Chuck Eaton

Chuck Eaton:  singer - songwriter from Brazil played in E117 of the ArenaCast

"I just remind one day a guy called me "LOBO" and asked me for an autografh... he was convinced that I have recorded "I'd love you to want me". He told me that LOBO and I were the same singers. I spent a lot of time explaining that I was another person. Anyway, he went away shouting : "I got a LOBO's autograph"!... It happened at 70's."

1. How would you describe your average fan?
People of all ages... mainly more than 40 years old.

2. What are the sources of your inspiration?
Ordinary people and love stories, fantasy or reality.

3. What bands featured in E117 of the Arenacast you liked the most? With whom you would like to make a common gig?
All are great and deserve a chance.

4. How do you think our generation would be passing the music to the next generations? Cds, vinyls, or links to itunes?
Vinyls are dead. CD's are in the same way...future is digital

5. What would you choose: a performance on the biggest stage of your country or a new album record? Why?
New album record of course... My time for stages is gone, leave it to younger people.

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