Nov 5, 2012

Daniel Storey: singer - songwriter from Ipswich, Suffolk, UK (E116)

About: Daniel Storey

Daniel Storey: singer - songwriter from Ipswich, Suffolk, UK played in E116 of the ArenaCast. Photo by Eileen Aldous
Photo by Eileen Aldous

"I only started working on this solo project at the end of this summer after a 5 year break from music, so as of yet, it's really just been a case of sitting at home writing and practicing my singing again! That being said, I have almost finished writing this debut Album and look forward to a busy year in 2013 recording, promoting and gigging the new material."

1. Is there a story behind your song "A Means To An End"?
Revealing the inner meanings of my songs is something I like to avoid. I prefer the listener to lock onto whatever it is that the song means to them. This one is pretty obvious though! The song is a metaphor for failing relationships. Also it was written around the time of the latest James Bond hype. Apparently, this is a Bond theme tune!

2. Describe your music in 3 words.
Tranquil, honest, melodic.

3. Describe your perfect gig - where would it be?
A perfect gig for me right now would involve playing to every single A&R person and record company executive alive and knowing that at least one of the 'gets it'! (currently I am a domestic appliance engineer) On a more personal note, this summer I get to play at my sisters wedding. A chance to entertain everyone that I love in my family, perfect! Don't you think? I might leave 'A Means To An End' out of the set-list though, beings as it kind of has a 'wedding-gone-bad' feel!

4. What do you think of episode 116? Which of the other featured songs do you like the most?
I really enjoyed listening to it, especially the presenter (Hi!), he has a fantastic persona, like an Australian Stephen Fry! I enjoyed all of the material within the podcast but my favourite track would have to be track number 5 'You Know, You Know' by "Daylight Fireworks".
Loving everything about it, reminds me of the Electric Soft Parade. Also Kudos (to daylight fireworks) for recording that way. (Here, there and everywhere asides the studio!)

5. What would you do if tomorrow was the end of the world?
Party with a capital 'P' with all of my family and bestest friends. In fact, I think street parties would be kicking off everywhere, so I'd end up at one of those I guess. It's funny how they would probably be the greatest moments ever. Death is not the end anyway, it's the beginning of chapter x+1! And I certainly wouldn't abandon my morality as my mate sitting next to me has just suggested!!! The things he would do are shocking! :o When the morning comes, I'd wait contently. Or at least as contently as one could with what would be the hangover from hell!

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