Nov 5, 2012

Muzykoterapia: retro/nu-jazz/chill out band from Poland (E115)

The brief interview with Iza Kowalewska, singer\front of Muzykoterapia

Muzykoterapia: downtempo/retro/nu-jazz/chill out band from Poland played in E115 of the ArenaCast

"...Iza, who sings in our band graduated in Musicology. She has a diploma in Music Therapy. As you know function of Music Therapy is simply to use sounds for therapy. After concideration we discovered that it would be a great name for our band..."

1. Is there a story behind your song "Komedia"?
Yes it is! Frankly speaking lots of my songs come to my mind during housework like: cleaning, mopping, cooking or for instance cutting herrings :) :) :) You would like to know how it was with Komedia?
It was a freeze morning and I was watering plants on the porch. I looked out the window and saw snowflakes sparkling in the sun. Single sounds in my mind started to cerate a melody with words in the same time. This is a song that came out of that.
When I played it to Kuba GaliƄski (pianist in our band) he liked it a lot and arranged a melody. You may think, I'm freaky or maybe you would like to hear a different story, but it was just like that! I am always very honest in my life as well as my music.

2. Describe your music in 3 words.
Pure, Vibrant, Empathic.

3. Describe your perfect gig - where would it be?
I'm not keen on this world. What does it mean - "perfect"? I hate perfection, it kills emotions and it often kills the music too.
You may think of it in such a different ways:
To earn big money for a show- for some people it would be a perfect gig!
Performing for 50 000 fans - a perfect gig! Isn’t it?
For me performing music is my love. I really don't care if I perform at well known club for 800 fans of Muzykoterapia or if there is only 1 person, who is totally surprised listening to our music at some occasional event while other 300 guests are talking , eating and laughing loudly during our show. It doesn't matter...

4. What do you think of episode 115? Which of the other featured songs do you like the most?
The first one I liked the most (Keep the Change) - great vocal, harmony, good words.
Simply beauty:)

5. What would you and your band do if tomorrow was the end of the world?
hahaha... it's coming - don't You feel it??? I don't know: smoking, drinking with guys, talking about love and music... but the first off all I would rather be with my son and my husband:);):)

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