Nov 23, 2012

Stop Light Observations: alternative\indie rockers from Charleston, SC, US (E117)

About: Stop Light Observations

Stop Light Observations: alternative\indie rockers from Charleston, SC, US played in E117 of the ArenaCast

Hello everybody!
As a short intro to today's brief interview I would like to recommend you to listen to the outstanding debut demo LP "The Zoo" by the Stop Light Observations.
Also, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that virtually every member of the group is a multi-instrumentalist, which greatly enriches and expands the band's sound from song to song.
You can listen to the Stop Light Observations's LP "The Zoo" on their R&R World profile, and support the band by visiting their iTunes page and purchasing their stuff!

1. How would you describe your average fan?
Our fans are all so different so it's hard to physically describe them. One thing that they all share is their loyalty and ability to inspire us to keep working and get better.

2. What are the sources of your inspiration?
It's hard to pinpoint what inspires us. It could be a word or a movie that helps generate an idea for our music. It's really just the observation of our daily life.

3. What bands featured in E117 of the Arenacast you liked the most? With whom you would like to make a common gig?
They were all good in their own way. We would be happy to play with any of them.

4. How do you think our generation would be passing the music to the next generations? Cds, vinyls, or links to itunes?
It will probably be some sort of technology/software that hasn't been developed or discovered yet. But as of now it seems Spotify is the hot trend. At the rate technology is moving you never know what will be popular next year.

5. What would you choose: a performance on the biggest stage of your country or a new album record? Why?
I would play the largest stage in the U.S. My reason is simple, there are tens of thousands of new albums that will be released this next year, yet only a handful will play on a large stage; much less the largest. With that exposure I'm sure a new record would come along with it.

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