Nov 1, 2012

Wild Widow: blues-rock five piece from Waterloo, BE (E116)

About: Wild Widow

Wild Widow: blues-rock five piece from Waterloo, BE played in E116 of the ArenaCast

"We exchange some ideas, Scratch (guitarist) always proposed names with 2 W, when I asked him why, he said: maximum points at scrabble :) We choose Wild Widow, and since, I'm dressed in black color. :D "

1. Is there a story behind your song "Hot Mama"?
Yes, the song is dedicated to my mom. I wrote one for my dad when he passed away (Only Rain) but he couldn't hear no more all the love I had for him, so I wrote one for my mother, where I thank her to be there for me all the time. She's been a so good mom and she still is.

2. Describe your music in 3 words.
TEach one has a wild side you only discover on the scene, and in the "normal" life, they are so quiet :D. We have an incredible alchimy when we play, that we're filled with such an energy, it's like we knew each other since ages. United like the 5 fingers of the hand.

3. Describe your perfect gig - where would it be?
The perfect gig, is always the next we'll have :) But we dream to have one with our idols like Page, Plant, Beck, Bonnie Raitt etc.. Like all the bands I suppose.

4. What do you think of episode 116? Which of the other featured songs do you like the most?
Great music as we could discover a lot of cery awesome bands. I liked Daylight Fireworks one very much, this is not in our style of music we make, but it's good job !!!

5. What would you and your band do if tomorrow was the end of the world?
Stay on the boat and play till the last second. And sing to the world that it was good to be there, even if a bit short :/

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