Dec 3, 2012

Cathy Jewson`s "Woah" EP Review

About: Cathy Jewson, the Artist of the Month (October 2012) via R&R World.

Hailing from Tenby, UK, singer songwriter Cathy Jewson let loose her heart-warming debut five track EP entitled "Woah" during 2011. All songs on the EP were written and arranged by Cathy, and the tracks were masterfully recorded at Mwnci Studios in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

Bearing the analogous name from the EP, the opening track “Woah” gracefully leads in with Cathy’s soulful acoustic guitar, harmonized by her spine-tingling vocal elegance, delicately reflected into the dreamy melody. Expressing her personal tales with true heartfelt emotion, while covering a spectrum of life’s many faces, Cathy decorates an inspiring lyrical influence throughout all of the tracks on the EP, positively enriching the listener.

“Superman” brings in second place with a mellow almost ballad arrangement, again with supportive lyric, directing the listener with a third person account of balancing the decisions we make, and from time to time perhaps trying too hard in life.

“Can't Let You Go” is another stunning song, and takes up third position on the LP, once more softy presented with the familiar styling’s of the preceding material, the track almost brings a crocodile tear to the eye, speaking of promises made, and feeling besieged to retain certain memories, as to never forget the oaths conceived.

“Second last song, on the LP, titled “Don't Give Up” basically charts a similar course offered from the previous three, reflecting upon mistakes that have taken place, and the blame that closely shadows, while at all time remaining positive throughout.

“I Love You”, the final track, remains on the steady path laid out, not straying too far from the agreeable feel the LP has by this time set up. Once more exquisitely spoken with honesty and wisdom, while cleverly sheltering a contemplative state of mind, the song is cunningly voiced in poetic analogy and expressive brilliance.

Enjoyably, the works on "Woah" encompasses love, loss, the epic struggle for your individual beliefs, while never losing faith in yourself or others, and is truly dazzling work, coming highly recommended.

Review by the ArenaCast DJ Damien V

Cathy Jewson`s song "Superman" was featured in E114 of the ArenaCast. You can also read the brief interview with Cathy posted in our blog.

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