About ArenaCast

What is the ArenaCast?

ArenaCast is an audio podcast created by the music community known as R&R World. It offers the listeners an overview of the best independent music of all genres from around the world combined into the episodes going out once every 2 weeks.

Each episode consists of 10 tracks, 9 of which are chosen out of the most interesting and up-to-date R&R World artists, and 1 track is a personal choice from our DJ – Fritz Hammond.
The latest ArenaCast info and news is posted in the dedicated blog and on Facebook and Twitter accounts.

What does the featured artist get?

Being one of the featured artists in ArenaCast is a good chance to find new listeners, to get cool reviews for your music from R&R World pros, find similar artists for tours and gigs, get more followers and gather more likes on your Facebook and Twitter accounts.
The reviews for your music, your interview, your latest news etc will appear in the R’News, ArenaCast blog and in our weekly Newsletter sent to thousands of users.

ArenaCast is available for free subscription, or users can simply stream it via the R&R World website. The podcast is listed on numerous podcast directories online, and on the iTunes official podcasts page under the music genre.