Dec 13, 2012

Season of Change: the last 2012 episode and the ArenaCast overhaul

Dear ArenaCast friends! Our team would like to inform you that the ArenaCast episode #118 marks the end of ArenaCast episodes as you know them. We will be kicking off 2013 with a re-mastered, re-organized and totally re-branded podcast. It's really going to be something so stay tuned!

Every ArenaCast episode was unique due to its vast genres, diversity, accent etc. The ArenaCast E118 is a revision of some of the best acts of the year, bringing back familiar sounds of previously featured bands, but with their fresh new tracks. This episode concludes our musical journey with you, and includes the bands' short farewells, feedback about our podcast and the news they would like to share with all music lovers! Here they are…

Rebel Android

Rebel Android, the band from far-away Norway is currently producing a third release, 'The Expanding Divide', which will be ready sometime in 2013. The band is also aiming to get ready for some live gigs early 2013.

From Rebel Android to ArenaCast: “We have really enjoyed learning about the ArenaCast podcast in 2012, checking out cool artists and are grateful to be featured in it ourselves! Thanks, we appreciate it. Happy holidays and new year to staff and listeners from Rebel Android!”


Aqualash is a cool Sydney based band, whose musical style embraces trip-hop, dream-pop, alternative, atmospheric, gothic-Jazz, and a little bit of grunge.

From Aqualash to ArenaCast: Here is what Aqualash said about ArenaCast on their facebook page: “ArenaCast is an excellent podcast, and we're really happy to be included in their playlist for episode 118 - the last for 2012. There is always a very cool and diverse selection of music to be found here, so check them out!
Thank you ArenaCast!”


Expect an album from this cool German band very soon! 16 tracks - a total of 80 minutes of music is now in the mastering process. Patrick (vocals) promises plenty of news soon, but currently, they're in a phase of preparation. Anodine had also recently posted a reedited version of their video!
Check it out!

Remove Silence

This hot Brazilian band announces that at the moment they are mixing their upcoming EP, which is to be released in late January. They still don't have a name for it, but it will consist of 7 tracks, four of which are unreleased. The other tracks are more than remixes - they are in fact completely new versions of songs from their latest album. Also, Remove Silence is working on another new version of one of the tracks from S.H.A., which will feature analog synthesizers exclusively.
This track will be released with an official video as well.

From Remove Silence to ArenaCast: "We are constantly tuned in on ArenaCast, and we think everybody should do it as well. There are lots of PodCasts out there presenting new artists, but only a few where you can actually get to know new artists with high degrees of musical quality.
Long live ArenaCast! Hugs from Brazil!!!"


The New York based band Grassfight is currently writing and recording a lot of new songs. These New York-ers claim that their new tracks are sounding pretty different and have a whole new vibe with a bigger sound than their previous music. Grassfight is excited to get them out, but jokingly remark that they take forever with the recording process. Nathan (Guitar/Vox ) vaguely says that 2013-2014 should be an exciting time for Grassfight.

From Grassfight to ArenaCast: “ArenaCast is one of my favorite sources for new music. The focus seems to be on finding and promoting music that is legitimately good regardless of status, genre, or location. And it's almost always music I've never heard before. We really appreciate the support. It means a lot coming from such a cool podcast.”


The fantastic Ukrainian, Kyiv based band is very proud to inform that in November 2012, Singleton won 1st place at the Eurock Marathon festival in Berlin. Currently they are working on a new LP which is planned to be released early 2013. This new album is being mixed by the famous UK producer Barny Barnicott (Kasabian, Arctic Monkeys). We can`t wait to hear the new album!

From Singleton to ArenaCast: “We would like to say thank you to the ArenaCast team for their amazing support of independent music! It really means a lot! We have discovered lots of incredible, talented bands from all over the world and we are very proud to be featured in several ArenaCast episodes together with these cool artists!”

Dec 3, 2012

Cathy Jewson`s "Woah" EP Review

About: Cathy Jewson, the Artist of the Month (October 2012) via R&R World.

Hailing from Tenby, UK, singer songwriter Cathy Jewson let loose her heart-warming debut five track EP entitled "Woah" during 2011. All songs on the EP were written and arranged by Cathy, and the tracks were masterfully recorded at Mwnci Studios in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

Dec 1, 2012

ArenaCast Episode 118

November 16 - November 30

Finishing off the year with a bang, our host Damien V is spoilt with a very special episode with ArenaCast Episode 118, revising some of the best acts of the year, bringing back familiar sounds of previously featured bands, but this time with fresh new tracks.

# Artist Track
1. Bob Dean Forest of Fear
2. Rebel Android The Dead End
3. Aqualash Bloodlust
4. Kodakid Pray for some luck
5. Rebel Soul Collective Burn After Me
6. Anodine Somewhere Sometime Somehow
7. Super Squarecloud Berry System
8. Remove Silence So Wrong
9. Grassfight All We Do Is Count
10. Singleton If i'm falling

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Nov 26, 2012

SpiralCase: unsigned grunge \ stoner rock quintet from Moncton, NB, CA (E117)

About: SpiralCase

SpiralCase: unsigned grunge\stoner rock quintet from Moncton, NB, CA played in E117 of the ArenaCast

"The band name was a combination of words. We were thinking a someone spiraling out of control. A head case, someone that is mentally unstable who acts irrationally, so we took the "Spiral" from Spiraling and the "Case" from Head Case, stuck them together and SpiralCase was born."

1. How would you describe your average fan?
Someone who is into diverse styles of music.

Nov 23, 2012

Stop Light Observations: alternative\indie rockers from Charleston, SC, US (E117)

About: Stop Light Observations

Stop Light Observations: alternative\indie rockers from Charleston, SC, US played in E117 of the ArenaCast

Hello everybody!
As a short intro to today's brief interview I would like to recommend you to listen to the outstanding debut demo LP "The Zoo" by the Stop Light Observations.
Also, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that virtually every member of the group is a multi-instrumentalist, which greatly enriches and expands the band's sound from song to song.
You can listen to the Stop Light Observations's LP "The Zoo" on their R&R World profile, and support the band by visiting their iTunes page and purchasing their stuff!

1. How would you describe your average fan?
Our fans are all so different so it's hard to physically describe them. One thing that they all share is their loyalty and ability to inspire us to keep working and get better.

ArenaCast Mini Reviews #9

ArenaCast Mini Reviews #9

Our host Damien V continues to discover the releases from the R&R World artists, and today you have the exclusive chance to read the pre-release review of the upcoming EP "Suns of Mercury" by the British hard rockers The Sonic Revolvers; get acquainted closer with the "Karmah" EP by the hard rock\metal quintet Punkh from New Delhi, IN; and discover the mini review of the tracks from the forthcoming LP of Australian indie pop\rock trio Paul Winn Band.
We wish you a pleasant reading; be sure to discover more and more great independent music.

Nov 22, 2012

Spineless YesMen: post punks from London, UK (E117)

About: Spineless YesMen

Spineless YesMen: post punk five piece from London, UK played in E117 of the ArenaCast

"...It is two fold. Firstly its a quote from The Simpsons where Mr Burns is losing his company and says to Smithers "If only I hadnt listened to all those Spineless Yes Men" Also our guitarist, Chris Doughty, has some friends in Newcastle, who, whatever he does and whatever he wears and says, agree with him without fail, irrelevant of the ridiculousness of his comments!!!"

1. How would you describe your average fan?
Our average fan would be in their 20s, male or female, with a rock and roll and punk rock background. A tattoo here and there, a love of honest music from the heart and someone who loves a fun, energetic show!

Nov 21, 2012

MadCraft: pop-punk band from Helsinki, Finland (E117)

About: MadCraft

MadCraft: four piece pop-punk band from Helsinki, Finland played in E117 of the ArenaCast

" We have done over 100 gigs in about two and half years. Mostly in Finland, a couple in Sweden and Estonia. We're going to play a small tour in the UK at the end of November. So that's really exciting. Here are the UK tour dates:

29.11.2012 @ On The Rocks, Bournemouth (UK)
30.11.2012 @ The Fighting Cocks, London (UK)
01.12.2012 @ Flairz, Hastings (UK)

We're also playing a Hangout gig online on Google+ on Saturday November 24th at 2PM EDT. More info about that will be posted on our Google+ page soon.

All our live dates can be found on our Official site"

1. How would you describe your average fan?
We hope that our music can be enjoyed by anyone but I think the bigger part of our fans are on the younger side. Anyone who likes good music with a pop punk edge.

Nov 20, 2012

Slim and Red: indie rock/folk duo from Corry, PA, US (E117)

About: Slim and Red

Slim and Red: indie rock/folk duo from Corry, PA, US played in E117 of the ArenaCast

"We both separately played music early in our teenage years, but never played together until we were 10 years deep into our marriage. We are also HUGE comic book and JRR Tolkien nerds, so you will most always find many references and easter eggs in our music/art/lyrics. Simply put: we are a geeky married couple that play music!"

1. How would you describe your average fan?
Our average fans are mostly in between the ages of 20 and 35. However, that may be the majority, but the ages range quite drastically. All in all, we attract fans that are laid back, chill, and open to many possibilities. We try to create, promote, and encourage individuality, thought and creativity. Our first album was named Issue No. 1: Yggdrasil because we believe we are all bound together through cosmic and universal laws, and we believe our fans catch that vibe.

Nov 19, 2012

Behind Babylon: alternative/hard rock trio from Denver, CO, US (E117)

About: Behind Babylon

Behind Babylon: alternative/hard rock trio from Denver, CO, US played in E117 of the ArenaCast

"...We've lived with "saints" and we've lived with the "sinners."In the words of the great philosopher and poet Bob Dylan,"Lot of water under the bridge, lot of other stuff too, don't get up gentlemen, I'm only passing through." That's the way we see it... You don't need to get up, we are only passing through. Our music is about our experiences and the way we express those experiences. We believe we have lived in Babylon and Behind Babylon... That is how we created the band name."

1. How would you describe your average fan?
Since we have only began recording and have only released “She still believes” it’s hard to say what an average fan would be at the moment. We hope to gain better than average fans and look forward to the opportunity to create fans we can really connect with. Our upcoming releases will show that we want a diverse fan base.We’ll be mixing many different genres into our own style of rock and roll. The interest we have seen have been in college age students.