Sep 29, 2010

Featured Artist interview: Me & My Brother (E38)

About: Me & My Brother, Ukraine, Kyiv.

 "Sometimes they sound absurd, nonsense, broken and untuned as if they could have never studied how to sing and play music. One may find it insincere, artificial and childish. Me & My Brother would never care. All they do they do for themselves without taking into consideration advises, critics and opinions of others."

Y answers stands for Yurko and G stands for Galya.

1). Who was your hero during your childhood? And what about now?

G: Piter Pan and Carrie Bradshow.
Y: Jeanne d'Arc used to be my hero when i was kid, now there are no heroes left.
2). How much time do you spend sleeping?
G: 6 hours
Y: 6 hours for Monday till Friday and 12 hours for Saturday and Sunday

3).What season of the year is the most similar to your music?
G: Autumn
Y: Definetely fallen

4). Tell us the most impressive place you have ever been to?
G: Chair of my chief
Y: Norwegian wood

5). Tell us your 3 favorite things to do, and 3 things you hate to do.
G: like - painting, sex, riding on bicycle. hate - to cook, explain something, to open my mail with 184 unread letters
Y: speak Swedish, sit near winter sea, bite nails / having sex, moving through crowded streets, being encapsulated

Listen to: Me & My Brother - Say

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