Nov 23, 2010

Featured Artist interview: ScarKord (E45)

About: ScarKord 

"The first official ScarKord release was a remix of Donkey Tugger's'Burnt Sienna', released in 2004. This was soon followed by an original ScarKord track 'Cosmonaut', which appeared on the Annexia compilation album, released in 2005. Around this time, Jason also collaborated with George Fox aka UTM on a new arrangement of his track 'Get By'. After completing a number of unofficial Jesus Jones remixes, one of which was voted 'Best fan mix' by members of the Jesus Jones forum, the ScarKord remix of 'Culture Vulture' was made available for exclusive download from the Jesus Jones website. 'Losing', featured on the soundtrack to the short film "

1). Do you have a phobia? If yes - what?
I've recently started suffering from vertigo actually, which is weird as heights never used to worry me in the past. I guess it's more the fear of falling which gets me really.

2). If you wouldn't have become an artist, what would you be? Aside from music, my other passion is cooking so I guess a chef would be my alternative direction.

3). What is your "formula for success"?
I've always been of the opinion that if you follow your own style, acknowledge the music that influenced you without trying to imitate it, and generally believe in what you do, someone out there will want to listen to it!

4). If you had a chance to perform a live concert in any of these 3 countries: India, Congo, Iraq - what would it be and why?
I'd probably say India, only because I've no reference point as to what the native music of Congo or Iraq is! I could just imagine a ScarKord concert with some local performers adding an Indian twist! That's given me a few ideas actually ;)

5). If you started a social networking project/website, what would you call it?
Well, it would have to feature the word Argonauts somewhere.

Listen to: ScarKord - It Is Forbidden

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