Nov 8, 2010

Featured Artist interview: Yahaloma (E43)

About: Yahaloma  from Florida

"Since 1990 Yahaloma has played with bands such as Natures Vibe, and opened up for George Clinton and P-Funk, Shabba Ranks, Mary Mary, and doing many, highly requested, local shows in South Florida and Atlanta Georgia, & Co-wrote an album with The Commodores “Brick House” Walter Orange and Craig Deanto (Child Activist. She has also recently performed at The Queens of the Community in Atlanta Georgia honoring the mothers of celebrity artists T-Pain, Neo, and Little Wayne, for their contributions to the community..."

1). Do you have a phobia? If yes - what?
Yes. LOL I have a fear of falling. It's my mothers fault for dropping me so much, lol. She would fall asleep and I would fall off her lap. Go figure, now I don't even liked to be carried.

2). If you wouldn't have become an artist, what would you be?
An entertainment lawyer, actress, or something else in the entertainment field. Entertainment is where it's at for me, and I couldn't see myself doing anything else. I currently have an internet radio show, which is going very well, and it is also very rewarding.

3). What is your "formula for success"?
Wow, is there a formula? LOL I believe in returning phone calls, being grateful, persistent, wise, collaborations, and common sense. If something is too good to be true, it usually is, 99.9 % of the time.

4). If you had a chance to perform a live concert in any of these 3 countries: India, Congo, Iraq - what would it be and why?
I am really not sure, but I can say I am too nervous to go to Iraq. India is good, and Congo would be interesting. It all depends on the area, and conditions being war, or famine, even beliefs. As an artist I must be careful where I place myself, since not every country welcomes outsiders with open arms, especially these days and times.

5). If you started a social networking project/website, what would you call it?
I have already done so, and it is called "Dream Chasers". I have purposed to follow and catch my dream, and I hope others will do the same. It doesn't always end the way you dreamed it would, but it gets pretty close. Shoot for the stars, and if you miss the one you wanted to end up on, don't worry, the one you landed on is good enough and shines just as bright.

Listen to: Yahaloma - Everything Will Be Alright

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