Jul 5, 2012

The Raindoggs (E108) brief interview with Rob Porta (aka Raindogg): Bass, Keys, Producer

About: The Raindoggs
The Raindoggs: R&B/soul/alternative/indie band from Austin TX, US played in E108 of the ArenaCast.
I can say for sure that The Raindoggs is one of the most exciting and original indie bands I have come across over the last year. And the thing is not only in the stunning arrangements, harmoniously combining a variety of styles and genres, in personal professionalism of each of the musicians and in the incredible charisma of the vocalists Larisa Montanaro and Ali Holder, there is something more.
Undoubtedly, a great amount of money and time were invested into the recording of this album – but when you listen to it, you feel that it’s the soul that makes this album sound so well! The songs were written from the heart and the arrangements were made under the meticulous supervision of the mind. In my opinion this is why "One Armed Bandits" has a unique charm. The album sounds sometimes vintage, sometimes mod but always "right", holding the listener's attention from the first to the last song.
You can purchase the album, "One Armed Bandits" from Amazon and iTunes, you can listen to it and buy it at the Raindoggs bandcamp page, as well as at Soundcloud and R&R World profile!
And also, we would like to remind you that The Raindoggs together with R&R World have launched a very exciting contest to distribute the new Raindoggs LP "One Armed Bandits" for free among the most active and attentive fans!
Listen to the #108 episode of the ArenaCast, remember the code word, send it to us in a private message to R&R World Competitions facebook page and GET THE ALBUM "One Armed Bandits" FOR FREE!
Oh, I got carried away a bit, it’s time for the brief interview! Enjoy!

1. Please tell us your story. The members, releases, remarkable performances... everything you want to share with our readers.
The last band I was in before taking a break from music, was a hardcore punk band called Beyond. I was only in the band for 8 months but did get to play CBGB’s with them and Sick Of It All. I tried starting my own band after that but had trouble writing the kind of music I wanted to play. I ended up going to film school and later worked as a video editor/art director for the Village Voice in NYC. Ironically the Voice changed owners the same year CBGB’s went out of business and I ended up in Austin TX. After moving here I went through a tuff breakup, which inspired most of the songs on ‘One Armed Bandits’ The original concept was to write 10 songs and release them as an LP. After we finished the 10 songs a few of us looked at each other and said, “we should start a band.”
You actually played the demo version of “Stuck in Red” last year on E80.
The Raindoggs are: Kassy on Vocals, Eddie Schmidt on Guitar, Josh Paselk on Drums and Raindogg on Bass & Keys.
2. We know you have a new vocalist in a band? Please tell us more about her.
Her name is Kassy Key, we’ll have more information on raindoggs.com this week.

3. Congratulations with your new album! Where and how it was recorded, what were the main difficulties and achievements?

The Raindoggs LP
Thank You. Because my background is in film and music, plus I worked for Apple, so I was able to learn Logic and do the recordings myself. Ironically the recording process was the easiest part. Austin is packed with extremely talented musicians, but most of them play in multiple bands. The challenge for me was finding a core group of people with the same goals.
4. Your album was a self-update release, i.e. you were releasing singles from the new album once per month. Whose idea that was and what were the results?
Our first single was a remake of Snoop Dogg’s My Medicine. I planned to release the single on the first Tuesday of 2012, in honor of Snoop’s “puffpuffpasstuesdays” I also sent the song into one of my favorite music blogs xmusic.fm Thankfully they picked up on it and posted the song that Tuesday morning. I spent all day watching the play count and video plays grow. It was my first successful marketing plan. That’s when I came up with one singe a month idea. I wanted to keep people talking about us leading up to the release. I’m guessing it worked since we’re being interviewed by ArenaCast.
5. We know you are planning a tour to support your new album. What cities/countries you plan to visit?
More than half of our mailing list is from the UK which is pretty cool. We’re going to start off in the US and hopefully add the UK and Europe by next year.

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