Sep 5, 2012

ArenaCast Episode 112

August 23 - September 5

Hey folks!
Welcome to E112 of the Arena Cast! Make sure that you are sitting comfortably, because in this episode you`ll hear amazing and cool songs from artists playing music from folk to progressive metal genres. This episode takes us on a journey from the UK and Ireland to cold Sweden and Norway, and finally to warm Australia and sunny Brazil.
So give it a listen, comment and share with your friends!

# Artist Track
1. Sound Of The Sirens Faith in Fire
2. Kete Bowers Regret
3. Adam O'Neill Word On The Street
4. The Arcadeans Only Son
5. Teak Looking for You
6. Blackwaters Take Cover
7. Electric Earth Collision With A Sun
8. In Confesso You crossed the line
9. Remove Silence How Long Is The Street
10. Black Oak How does it feel to live like it's too late

Brief interviews with our featured artists are coming soon!

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